Wednesday, April 04, 2018


What a surprise this morning, Winter has returned with a vengeance with lots of snow. But this is a good time to think and work with black and white images using the computer. Last week I reread a book on the transition from the traditional darkroom to digital. The book "darkroom to Digital" by the British photographer Eddie Ephraums is quite good. The book describes Eddy Epphraums his switch to digital black and white photography. He explores the differences but also the similarities. I agree with him that if you are comfortable working in the traditional darkroom, you will discover that working digitally is very similar. Of course, since the publication of the book, digital technology has made great strides but the basic techniques are still applicable. The writer expresses my similar view, when he says " Our transition to digital can simply involve a switch from one type of darkroom to another, or it can focus on issues of sel-expression. Either way ... black and white lives on.


John Minkowskyj said...

Is this how your geothermal WORKS?
Ha Ha Ha!

Mike de Moree said...

Sorry, I gave away the secret John.