Saturday, August 05, 2017


After posting yesterday's picture of the door in Field, Linda commented and asked "What is it about a picture of a door?! I always like them so much". She is right of course. Doors are very intriguing. Doors are used in religion, art and literature. For instance doors are prominent in literature, think Alice in Wonderland, the Narnia books by C.S. Lewis, The lord of the rings and harry Potter just to name a few titles. This door was located in a dark little passage in downtown Toronto. Thinking about Harry Potter I could imagine that if you stepped through this door you might find yourself back in mid nineteen century Toronto. Pity I never found out because it was locked of course and I did not know where to get a key.

Friday, August 04, 2017


Lately I have not been happy with the pictures I made. So I started looking through my files and found some very good images, which I took on a little field trip with my friend Dan earlier in the Spring. we had been to the village of Field on an earlier trip. Both of us made some fine pictures and I liked this one of a door of a abandoned service station. What attracted me of course was the very painterly quality of this subject, in particular the subtle pastel tones and textures.

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Another place I visited last week was South river. It has been quite some time since I took pictures in the town. The railway station is one of my favourite buildings because so many of our station have disappeared or are in dire need of Restoration. They are a relic of the past when the railway, especially in the North was the main means of transportation. But what is also important is the various styles of architecture. So I am glad that communities preserve these historic buildings.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Looking East from the position I took yesterday's picture, I saw a very different view. It is quite a tranquil scene, which made me think of landscape pictures made in the early twentieth century.

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Yesterday was a great day for going on a picnic and of course taking pictures. We stopped at many of our favourite spots like this one along the South River near Nipissing Village. The water was like a mirror. The tree in the water made a nice focal point in the composition. I made a black and white version, which looked great but in the end I preferred the coloured image.