Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just a little explanation why I have not been posting more pictures. At the moment we are doing some major renovations in our house. It has been going on for the last four weeks but hopefully will be finished by next week. Obviously I have not been spending much time on my blog or on taking pictures.


David c.h. Brown said...

Hey Mike,
Glad to see that I am not the only one doing renovations. Had a new hot water tank installed today. Have to switch pluming from steel to copper, and after that a new kitchen and bathroom. Likewise, am not doing a lot of photography. Thanks, Dave

Rob Beaudry said...

Hey Mike,

Rob here. I have looked through a bunch of your photo's and they are amazing. I had to leave a quick note on this one though. Tell Don I said nice saw :o)
We hope you enjoy your new roof.

Take care,
Rob Beaudry