Sunday, May 31, 2009


This was the view when I went to pick up my morning paper. I posted this additional image because Nonie had asked me for information about my Summer course on Photoshop Elements. The course will run from July 13 until July 17. Check the link on the right for more information.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike.
I start teaching my Art course that same week!
Will you be offering your course in the fall or winter? Hoping so...

Anonymous said...

Mike, you asked me awhile back which program I am using. My photos are too large and I needed some help.
I have just acquired Photoshop. It is very complex.
Anyway, could you walk me through making my images smaller for my blog site please.
Much appreciated.

the rude kawliflawa said...

snow! would love some over here. everyone is melting in the 32deg c heat on the island.