Friday, August 12, 2016


Last Tuesday, Dan and I visited Cobalt. we took quite a few pictures. It is a very interesting small town with a rich history. In the early 20th century silver was discovered in Cobalt, which created a "silver rush" you can call it. At the height of all this mining activity the town had about 200 active mines. Now it is a very quiet place but you can see the history reflected in a variety of murals, like this image of lang Street in 1911,  all across town. its definitely worth a visit.


David Ernest said...

Like your creative shot of that Cobalt street, Mike.
Yes, I agree, Cobalt has a lot of photo opportunities.
Haven't been there for a while, but when I do drive the short trip down there, I always take one of my cameras.

Mike de Moree said...

Cobalt certainly has a lot of photographic opportunities David. I suspect some people think I combined two images into one but no, it is a straight photograph of a wall painting. The illusion of two pictures is simply created by the angle of view.