Sunday, August 07, 2016


We had not walked the Kinsman trail since last Fall. Part of the trail had been closed for some time because extensive upgrading of the trail. Imagine our surprise when we saw this part of the trail. It is very beautiful and this nature preserve is right downtown the city. Really amazing and I think we should applaud the North Bay–Mattawa Conservation Authority for creating this truly wonderful trail. It is a great asset to our city.


moremiles said...

You are right Mike, it is most certainly a jewel in the heart of the City. Great shot!

Sue NBMCA said...

Hi Mike - Awesome photo - thanks for sharing it and your kudos to NBMCA. It is a treasure. The city-funded restoration of the Chippewa Creek has not only protected property from flooding, it has rejuvenated the Creek. The section you've captured is part of the Chippewa Creek EcoPath, a community initiative to restore and enhance the natural and heritage values of the Creek through stewardship and education. has some great information about the creek from flood prevention and erosion to species at risk. We also have an Adopt-the-Creek program for anyone who would like to contribute to the perseveration and protection of the Creek. Thanks again for the photo and kind words. Sue @ NBMCA.

Sue NBMCA said...

That's preservation of the Creek! :)