Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Nonie wondered about turning the the images into a sequence. That was my first impulse but instead I opted for a singular image made of the four pictures. My interest was to emphasize texture and shape. I agree,there are many different ways of designing this image. It just depends on what view point you like to express.* Just a note about the size of the images. I size my pictures for the blog to fit the screen.Just click on the image and it will fill your screen. I don't like to make them larger because then you will have to scroll. By the way the size is 900 pixels wide and 657 pixels high.


Polly said...

I like this choice. Nice way to tackle the statue, interesting not making it about the face, but the folds of her dress.

Dominique said...

Great idea.

Carole said...

A fabulous idea well executed.