Saturday, March 22, 2008


I was sorting through some files and of course found all kinds if images I forgot about. This is a picture of an old railway station, now in deplorable state, which is being used as a storage shed I guess. A real pity.


Rob Greenfield said...

I like old train stations. This looks a bit like the station in Mattawa.

Anonymous said...

Mike, could you give directions on how to get to this train station? Is it still around?
nonie ava ault

Anonymous said...

I'm from monkton and yes this train station is still around. My friends and I actually used to sneak around in it when we were kids. Its on Winstanley street in Monkton. You shouldn't have any trouble finding it.

karen said...

My family is from Monkton, Ontario. This was part of Monkton South railway station.

Karen said...

Just relized I posted Monkton South Station.

Monkton West Train station is in Ontario. Mocton East train station is in Nova Scotia.