Monday, March 31, 2008


Saturday a family of deer came to feed in the garden. Normally they come at dusk or very early in the morning but I guess they have become so used to humans that they are not bothered by people.Its fun to see them evnthough they can do lots of damage to your garden.


Rob Greenfield said...

Excellent! I love deer. I know they can do a lot of damage, too. When we lived in West Ferris the deer ate the lower portions of our cedar hedges, but the damage was offset by being able to see the deer right up close.

Anonymous said...

your photo's are beautiful. you should come to east tennessee and take some pictures. i can imagine the mountains here are as beautiful as in canada. i am still learning how to use my camera and it's accessories, so hopefully one day, my pictures will be as nice as yours. thanks for sharing!