Wednesday, October 03, 2018


This is the black and white version of yesterday's posting. It is more dramatic interpretation of the than the coloured image. This morning I was looking at some of Don McCullin's dark and somber  images from his forthcoming book Landscapes. His pictures are rich in textures and beautiful lighting. When working in black and white I always look for the same visual elements in my images, strong dramatic light and rich textures similar to McCullin's landscape work.

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David Ernest said...

McCallun is likewise one of my favourite photographers, Mike. I think that we talked about this before. You mentioned seeing an exhibit of his in Ottawa once.
Anyway, your own two renditions of the lakescape just reach out and draw me into the mood and surroundings of the photo. Five stars all around! No analysis needed. Fall is here, and absolutely alters our visual searchings of renewed nature subjects.