Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Sorry David but I have to disappoint you this time. Yesterday I took my car in to have my tires changed, so I took a walk into the area behind the garage. It is actually a large are of disturbed land. Walking through the parking area I had to jump over different little streams of melt water and of course I could not resist photographing the sand ripples and the textures of sand and gravel. When I worked on the image it looked to me more like flames than streaming water. Anyway here is the final image.


John Minkowskyj said...

This photo sort of reminds me of Ernst Haas' work.
I enjoy taking and looking at the abstracts that nature provides us.
Most people would walk right over these patterns and never even notice
them, it's up to us to show them what they are missing. Great shot Mike.

David Ernest said...

Not to worry, Mike. I enjoy colour and black and white productions just as well. I guess that it depends on what image and impact that you want to produce. I agree with you first contributor that Ernst Haas' had a prominent influence on the transition into the world of colour photography innovation. For all of those former photographers,it was a great challenge to express their personal views and styles via the limitations of colour film at the time. You wonder what they could achieve now with the post-advent of the digital world.