Sunday, February 04, 2018


Yesterday I posted a picture of the Highway bookstore, which is now just a memory. Today a picture of another event, which also is now just a memory. I am talking about the weekly cattle auction in Sturgeon Falls. In 1976 I wanted to try out a new fast colour negative film, Kodacolor 400. This was the fastest negative colour film made by Kodak. So every Monday afternoon I would go to the cattle auction. It was a great social event. Many people would visit the auctions and outdoor farmers market. In addition to the actually cattle auction, you could go to an auction selling a wide variety of merchandise ranging from clothing to tools. Outside you could buy clothing, apples tools and kitchen utensils. It was quite a social event. But this market and auction is long gone. I still miss it. Luckily I have many images to keep the memory alive.  


David Ernest said...

I likewise recall when Kodak 400 came out. A very versatile film at the time and even now. Just finished off a roll myself with my Nikon F3.
I remember you showing us your pictures of this market back in a workshop in 1982. How time moves on, no?

Mike de Moree said...

Absolutely David. But we are still taking pictures of course.