Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Have been busy the last few days but here is a picture I took last Monday along Kinsmans Beach. it was a glorious day so I took a stroll along the beach and saw this little branch with bright yellow leafs floating in the water. It made a nice image with strong textures and colours.


David c.h. Brown said...

Really enjoy this image Mike! The leaves just jump out at you...the tones are complimentary and lovely. Regarding the possible Blog you are thinking of, I would love to see someone set up a "virtual" photo group blog, where the members could all meet once a month and submit images, along with commentary of what it is all about. It would be fun to participate in that, and I think there are probable enough folks who would enjoy that as well. I used to really enjoy the Photo 74 group in North Bay, as there were some really wonderful photographers there, and I learned a lot. Thanks, Dave

David Ernest said...

I agree with David c.h. Brown's comments and suggestions for group meetings.
As for your photo, I recall that when attending a slide presentation in Toronto back in the early '80s, given by Freeman Patterson, one of his suggestions was to just stop in one place and take shots of possible subject matter around your feet... leaves, terrain etc. Your picture brought back this challenge.

Unknown said...

Diane Imfeld

too agree with suggestions for group meetings and would participate. I appreciate your blog Mike and learn a lot from both viewing your images and reading your comments.