Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Last week I bought the book "Nipissing" by Françoise Noël. Most of the books on local history lack focus and are simply like a family picture album. This book however I like its well written and above all well designed.  In one chapter Françoise describes a trip along Lakeshore Drive, which in the thirties had many motels and cottages. Several of these places are still in business and a few even have vintage 1950's signs. I should have taken these photographs in the 1970's because, over the years, quite a few of these signs have disappeared. Anyway hers are the most interesting signs, I decided to re-create the feeling of the times in retro fil images. 


John Minkowskyj said...

Well done.

David Ernest said...

Great idea, Mike.
Original motel/hotel signs always fascinate me.
Back in 2003 we drove down to the old Route 66 in the States. At that time there were many surviving motel signs. Some establishments were still open for business still.
Hope that you add some more signs very soon. I do look forward to them.

Anonymous said...

I like you, I like the book and appreciated her information. When we moved to North Bay, I found it difficult to find beneficial information about North Bay.
I hope you post more signs, as well, as vintage images.

Diane Imfeld

Anonymous said...

Oops! Meant to write, I like that you added vintage photos.