Monday, June 15, 2015


Last Saturday I walked along the waterfront trail. It was raining, which was great for taking photographs of reflections in the water. David Ernest commented how he liked my references to painting and painters in many of my postings. Well I just happened to be reading about the a Quebec art movement from the nineteen forties called Les Automatistes. This movement,  was founded by the Quebec artist Paul Émile Borduas. This group was inspired by the writings of the French surrealist writer and poet André Breton and the American Abstract Expressionism. So the pictures I made this weekend of the rain reflections were the direct result of my interest in the Automatistes movement.

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David Ernest said...

Thanks, Mike, for your further references with this photo of yours. I will certainly be following up your comments.
Speaking of colour, I remember Paul Simon's song of "Kodachrome" back in the early '70's, and am likewise so sorry that they "took my Kodachrome away". Perhaps, some of your blog viewers remember that classic tune also.
There is a sort of chrome application on my Adobe Photoshop program which brings back old memories of brilliant colours. I use it frequently.
Your picture I really like.