Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Thanks for your comment Dianne. I think you and David Ernst would really like the books by Richard Quinney. He is not only a respected  criminologist from Wisconsin but also a great photographer. I learned about his photography when I came across his  photobook "Things Once Seen" at the university library here in North Bay. I was quite impressed not only with his photographs but also his writing. So I simply had to buy that book and in addition I bought his book "A Sense Sublime" This book is almost a repeat of the first book I mentioned and , even though I enjoyed the second one, I prefer "Things Once Seen". It is better designed and printed. However I can highly recommend both books. Check out Borderland Books a publishing company founded by Richard Quinney.


John Minkowskyj said...

Ahhh all the familiar spots (1st & 2nd photo)!
Great lighting after a fresh snowfall. Great B & W.

Unknown said...

Thanks again for the information...I read the description re: Things Once Seen and ordered immediately.
Today's post is, for me, a great example of the importance of "following the light".

Diane I

David Ernest said...

Great last two photos that you posted, Mike.
Like Diane, I have done some research on Richard Quinney, and am searching for my credit card to pick up a copy of your suggested "Things Once Seen"
The man has an interesting background, no?
Thanks for the lead.

Mike de Moree said...

David, I found my copy on A great site for books

David Ernest said...

Thanks, Mike, for the follow up.
Will look into your lead.