Monday, October 20, 2014


Yesterday I went with Dan and John on a photo field trip along the country roads. There was still quite a bit of colour and this scene reminded me of the paintings of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. It is a scene which reflects the image of Ontario.But, While the paintings of the Group of Seven are very good, the problem for me is that their art does not really challenge you. I refer to their work as comfort food for the soul.


David Ernest said...

Have been following your farewell-to-fall's-colours pictures faithfully. Don't think that this one can be surpassed thus far.
It's true that the icon photos of the masters are the ones that put the ball in the viewers' court to work out their own interpretation and solution. Sort of leaving the audience wanting more.

Larry O'Connor said...

Telling comment about the Group of Seven; just finished a wonderful book called Vincent van Gogh: A Power Seething by Julian Bell. Fabulous. Call VvG the Group of One ... Love these fall colors, Mike. It makes me ready for winter, to see what your magic eye will bring to our attention !