Friday, August 22, 2014


Yesterday we visited Screaming Heads in Burks Falls. There was quite a bit of activity going on and the owner told us that they were getting ready for the Harvest festival. Now it became clear to me what the function was of the various domes and pyramids on the property. These were the frames for the temporary tents where a variety of performances take place. I never realized the size of this festival. It definitely is not a traditonal harvest festival taking place during September and early October. So check out the festival's website to get an idea of this truly fantastic event.


David Ernest said...

Really like your dramatic sky, Mike.
Will check out the Burks Falls offerings as you suggest.

Mike de Moree said...

Actually David, the weather yesterday was terrible and at one point we almost went home because of the rain. But the monument we got out of the car till we left it remained dry. With the sun peaking through occasionally the skies looked great.