Friday, May 09, 2014


Again I have not been posting for awhile simply because I was busy with some other projects. A few days ago my friend Rob and I were discussing the new photographic direction of iphoneography. We talked about the various apps and how photographers are creating new images on their phones and tablets. It had been almost a yearsince I got interested in using the tools, so I started creating images on my iPad. Here is one sample of a picture I took a few days ago. It looks like an image reminisant of an old silent movie of the early twentieth century.


John Minkowskyj said...

I like the effect, Mike.

Rob Greenfield said...

very cool

David Ernest said...

Interesting and thought provoking approach to the scene, Mike. I like it immensely.
Am still in the dinosaur age, I guess, where I lean towards gothic style monochromes. Not that I do not like saturated colours. As we all know, it depends on the scene itself plus our creative interpretation of it.

granddaughterofopa said...

I have no clue what Dave is talking about...(gothic style monochromes?) however it remonds memof mymgrunge albums. I love it!
monkey girl

Mike de Moree said...

Hi Monkey Girl, thanks for your comment. You are right it Los definitely grunge. Actually I did it all on my iPad. Download some apps and you can have fun. A little secret, I took the picture on a sunny day at noon.