Thursday, June 13, 2013


Yesterday we took a little trip North. We never really know where the car will take us so North it was. In Temagami I took some pictures of the old railway station. In the beginning of the last century I bet this was a very important and busy place. The many tourist who had cottages and Summer homes on the lake had to come in by train. There are no passenger trains in Northern Ontario so this station is the only visual memory  that remains of these great Summer holidays.


Rob Greenfield said...

Looks a bit line an alpen chalet.

David Ernest said...

Yes, Mike, a lot of history in this station. Used to be a landmark for train passengers until the demise of the train service back in September of last year. Haileybury used to have a similar train station, but it was demolished years back. Cobalt and Englehart have been able to preserve their stations.