Tuesday, March 19, 2013


From several comments on yesterday's picture, I was surprised that many of you remembered my photo series of the garden I photographed in the mid seventies near Sudbury. This garden was quite unique and I would definitely call it folkart. Its a pity the garden does not exist anymore. The only record of this strange place left are the pictures I took. It was a scary place and even though the garden decorations were made of old discarded dolls, it was rather scary. One big mistake I made was that I used AGFA slide film which has deteriorated quite a bit, so it takes a lot of work restoring these images. 


Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

That IS scary.. I saw this pix on my blogroll and had to come find out what the heck it is... Having seen it close up I still really don't know, although weird horror movies and devil worship (!) comes to mind!!!

Robert Morton said...

When I saw this I was reminded of Sid Phillips, the villain from Toy Story 1. Is it possible a relative of Sid's lived in Wanapitei?