Saturday, June 09, 2012


The 4th Annual Maamwi Kindaaswin Festival and Pow-wow is taking place this weekend. I went to the event this afternoon, met friends and of course took pictures. I concentrated on some of the colourful regalia.  


Rob Greenfield said...

The watch on the blue person's wrist keeps us in time as to the era of the photo.

Krys and Paul said...

Great colours - was there a statement in leaving the heads off though?

Mike de Moree said...

Thanks for your comments. Krys and Paul asked me why I left the heads off the figures in the this picture. I guess you must have noticed I very seldom post pictures of people. The reason is quite simple, I am rather reluctant to show people if I don't have consent to publish the images. People can get upset if they feel that their privacy has been breached. Thats all. The laws have become quite specific on this issue and if you don't have proof of consent you can get into trouble.