Sunday, September 25, 2011


A new posting. After a two week hiatus time for another image. My wife and I returned yesterday from a two week trip to Quebec and New Brunswick. I think the best part of the trip was our stay in Baie Saint Paul in the Charlevoix area of Quebec. Our friend Dan told us how much he enjoyed the Charlevoix and boy he was absolutely right. I had booked a room at a B&B called Terreciel without really knowing anything about the place. Well let me tell you it was a great experience. David and Nicolas are the owners, who are the most the delightful hosts. Actually David runs the B&B. He is also a great baker, who serves you a terrific breakfast  in the morning. He makes his bread at an heritage bakery connected to the historic flour mill in Baie Saint Paul. So if you have never been to Baie Saint Paul and plan to visit it stay with David and Nicolas, I guarantee you will quickly become friends with these two very amiable guys. Check their website on my links.


Rob Greenfield said...

welcome back

Mike de Moree said...

Thanks Rob. We had a great time.