Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Simple, almost abstract subject matter always attract me. Maybe its my interest in painting but I just had to photograph this door.


Nonie Ava Ault said...

Excellent photo!
Must thank you Mike my Mentor! In the 1970's you directed me to transfer from my Graphic Comm.course to Ont.College of A & Design. I did go, and did leave sadly,in my 3rd year to move away. I have always regretted that decision.
I found Nipissing's Bach.of Fine Art program, Monastery Hall, and I am registered for Sept...I am excited and plan on many more years of studies there. I have a second chance to finish my Masters in Fine Art, and in my 50's! I hope to see you & meet your wife during my stay in the Bay.
Best, Nonie Ava Ault

David c.h. Brown said...

Lovely tones and textures in this photo Mike. Great stuff! Dave

Dominique said...

Time is a great painter.