Sunday, June 06, 2010


Last Friday I went out to take some pictures, I had noticed an older hiker walking down the highway towards North Bay. For the next hour and a half I spent taking my pictures. On my way back I noticed that the guy was still walking so I thought let me ask if he needs a ride. Well his little flag told me he was Dutch so I stopped and offered to take him to North Bay. But he politely declined explaining that he was walking all the way from Halifax to Vancouver then he told that last year he walked from Halifax to Ottawa and this year the next phase would take him from Ottawa to Thunder Bay. I invited him to stay over night at our place when he arrived in the city, which he accepted. He arrived a few hours later and stayed with us till today. Bram van Loon is 69 years old, he carries  a 60 Lbs backpack and has been doing this kind of trips for many many years. Before he came to Canada he had walked all across New Zealand. He traveled most European countries all on foot. We had a great time listening to his stories and anecdotes. So we wish him a great trip and hope to see him again in our home.


Rob Greenfield said...

Yeah!!!! I love this story Mike!

David c.h. Brown said...

Hey Mike,
Great perspective in both photos and story. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable encounter. Thanks, Dave

Stephanie van Doleweerd said...

Very cool, Mike. Those Dutch folks are a special breed. ;-)