Friday, September 19, 2008


On March road in kanata you will see this very dilapidated old inn named the Klondike Inn. It is always sad to see historical buildings like this on the verge of being demolished. I always wonder about the history and memories which will be lost forever.In its place we will soon see another nondescript gas station or strip mall. Pity.


Anonymous said...

Sad, yes. I wonder who owns it???

Trisha said...

And now, she is gone. I was just doing some google research on this place as I live in Kanata and this poor old Inn was just torn down this week... built in the late 1800's and now gone!

Anonymous said...

It is sad how easily the city can simply remove a building that was probably a beautiful building filled with stories. It seemed as if it was standing one day and then ripped apart the very next day. The only thing that a lot of people care about now is the money they can make from something.

Mudhooks said...

"Klondike Inn

Kelly Egan’s column in the Citizen about the Klondike Inn suggests that the reason it was demolished was due to the imminent expansion of March Road. That is not the case. March Road was deliberately designed to save all of the buildings on the west side of the road, including the Klondike Inn and the Old Town Hall. All of the expansion was done on the east side of the road, requiring moving one heritage building – the March House. None of the property on which the Klondike Inn is situated was required for the road widening.

What actually happened was that there were a number of concerns expressed by residents about the condition of the building, including fears of collapse. City inspectors checked the building for safety and informed the owner that work had to be done to stabilize the structure. When the owner realized his liability if that work was not done and something causing a danger happened, he immediately obtained a demolish permit and removed the structure. At this time, no plans for commercial development have been submitted or discussed for that site and none of the land is needed or will be used for the road."