Thursday, June 05, 2008


Thanks Nonie and André for your comments on my picture of Lake Nipissing. Last night I took this image along the lakefront in Callander. I still enjoy black and white photography so , even though I don't use the traditional darkroom anymore, I love making digital black and white prints. Actually I am thinking of running a course strictly on making digital black and white pictures depending on the level of interest of course.


André Lemay said...
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André Lemay said...

I am very interested, depending when the course will be. I love all your black and white, and lack a lot of technique to publish any of nime.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Mike, put me at the top of your list for a Black and White course.

I miss the Canadore College darkroom days! I still have my darkroom equipment-in storage at our farm!

Did I ever tell you that one weekend we were developing and we hung one of the enlargers from the ceiling--I still have the photographs Dan and I created from that day! We had poured boiling water over the developing tank at one point and came out with an incredible pattern.

Nonie Ava Ault