Friday, November 02, 2007


I am always attracted to simple subject matter. It is always a challenge to make an interesting image from such humble material like this picture of road markings. It turned into an interesting abstract composition.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I have found you have influenced my way of looking at my surroundings; I just keep forgetting my camera when I fly off in the car!
I saw some work of Barbara. Mensch at the [Gallery] and especially Paul Caponigro--opening Jan.26.2008 exhibition called 'In the Still of Life:P....' Both these artist reminded me of your work.
This is an excellent shot.

Nonie.Ava.Ault said...

p.s. I forgot to mention Mike that I saw the new photographs of both the Photographers I just mentioned in the B&W - Black & White Magazine for collectors of fine photography- Issue 55 Decomeber 2007 issue in the stands now. Their work 'on site' isn't the same as in the Magazine! If you have a chance - it is worth it .