Thursday, September 27, 2007


Nonie liked to see a different view of the General Store in Brent so here it is. Rob might enjoy this picture almost as much as he did the first one.


Rob Greenfield said...

It certainly speaks to who is running the store now.

Anonymous said...

Mike, sorry, you missed the essence, the 'spirit' of this old building.

Anonymous said...

I think the "spirits" can't move around for all the dust and clutter.

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed!

That is why our world is in the state it is.

People are too preoccupied looking at the 'dust' and 'clutter' and not seeing the spirit, the essence of small items; old photographs, old newspaper cuttings, old tube radios.[Dust in itself is a statement].

When the older generation can't see, well we are doomed!

p.s. I will be in Brent on the long weekend[this is their closing time too], and I will take several shots and I will share them with you Mike. You will be amazed.I guess it is my turn to share something I have learned over the years since you taught me!