Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I guess its time for some less comfortable images. I took this picture last week just before going on the trail to Duchesnay Falls. I think it shows that the concern for our environment is not as great as we believe because this is just one tiny example of what people leave behind. Most of the garbage is coffee cups, water bottles and plastic bags. Maybe people think that it is other peoples responsibility to look after the planet but I guess we have to start doing our own personal bit.


Rob Greenfield said...

Mike, don't you think the bears could have dumped the bin and someone jsut set it back upright, leaving the garbage everywhere?

Mike de Moree said...

Of course Rob. Actually it is probably raccoons, which removed the garbage. However that is not the issue. First when you place cans on nature trails protect the bins with appropriate lids and make certain they are secure but the real problem is how much unnecessary garbage we produce and then profess to be concerned about the environment.That is the point I am making.